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      Simply Different, Simply Better.

      Menu options are dramatically increased as water, juice, soda, milk, coffee, tea, soups, beer, wine and mixed drinks can all be part of a thickened diet when SimplyThick is used.  Try these recipe ideas for thickened purees & entrees, thickened ice cream, and more!

      SimplyThick EasyMix™ provides benefits beyond taste and appearance ...

      Simple Identical preparation, regardless of beverage or consistency.
      IDDSI compliant.
      Quick Ready to drink within seconds, not minutes.  No lumps.
      Stable Does not thicken over time.  Prepare beverages long before they are served.  Prepare in bulk.  Microwave safe.
      Flavorless Improved acceptance.  Increased fluid consumption.
      Hygienic Pump or single use packets.  No scoops or open containers.
      Dietary Fiber Adds soluble fiber.  Low in carbohydrates, calories and sodium.  Ideal for calorie-restricted, low sodium, diabetic and'or ketogenic diets.

      WARNING:  Do not use SimplyThick EasyMix in infants or children under 12 years of age without consulting a healthcare professional.

      How to Use

      MIXING DIRECTIONS:         Watch this Video

      Step 1: Add contents of packet to 4 oz (120 ml) of liquid.

      Step 2: Stir for 20 seconds

      Step 3: Ready to serve immediately.  Pour and/or store.  Never need to remix

      Note;  For Slightly Thick (Level 1) consistency, add contents of packet to 8 oz (240 ml of liquid).

        Nutrition Facts
        Nutrition Facts / Valeur Nutritive
        Per 1 packet (6g) / Par 1 sachet (6g) 


        % Daily Value
        % Valeur Quotidienne*
        Calories / Calories 5
        Fat / Lipides 0g 0%
        Sodium / Sodium 20mg 1%
        Potassium / Potassium 20mg 1%
        Carbohydrate / Glucides 1g 0%
           Fiber / Fibres 1g 5%
           Sugars / Sucres 0g
        Protein / Protéines 0.1g

        Not a significant source of saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, fibre, sugars, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium or iron.

        Source négligeable de lipides saturés, lipides trans, cholestérol, sodium, fibres, sucres, vitamine A, vitamine C, calcium et fer.

        Ingredients: Water, soluble fiber, xanthan gum, glucono delta-lactone, gellan gum, potassium sorbate (preservative), calcium chloride, citric acid, sodium citrate, guar gum, pectin.

        Ingrédients:  Eau, fibres solubles, gomme de xanthane, glucone delta-lactone, gomme gellane, sorbate de potassium (agent de conservation), chlorure de calcium, acide citrique, citrate de sodium, gomme de guar, pectine.

        What is SimplyThick EasyMix thickener made of?
        SimplyThick EasyMix gel thickener consists of water, soluble fiber, xanthan gum, glucono delta-lactone, gellan gum, potassium sorbate (preservative), calcium chloride, citric acid, sodium citrate, guar gum, pectin

        What can SimplyThick EasyMix thicken?
        SimplyThick™ can thicken any liquid, whether hot or cold. This includes water, juice, soda, milk, coffee, tea, soups, purees, wine and mixed drinks.

        Does SimplyThick EasyMix change the flavor or taste of foods and beverages?
        One of the primary benefits of SimplyThick™ is that it is unnoticeable in foods and beverages, providing maximum flavor enjoyment. Other thickeners tend to negatively impact the taste of beverages. In fact, SimplyThick is preferred by nearly 90% of people in blind taste tests.

        Will SimplyThick EasyMix separate over time?
        SimplyThick™ will not separate over time. SimplyThick maintains a thoroughly mixed, uniform consistency over time, providing maximum appeal and a pleasant eating experience.

        Will SimplyThick EasyMixcontinue to thicken after I stop mixing?
        Unlike many thickeners which cause liquids to become thicker over time, SimplyThick™ maintains a uniform consistency and texture for maximum eating enjoyment. In fact, SimplyThick maintains its thickness so well that you can make a pitcher of beverage and keep it in the refrigerator for enjoyment over a few days.

        What allergens are present in SimplyThick EasyMix?
        SimplyThick EasyMix is free of major known allergens.  This includes but is not limited to wheat, nuts, gluten, soy, tree nuts, shellfish, sulphites, egg, fish and corn.  There have been no incidence of reported allergic response to SimplyThick EasyMix.  The plant used in themanufacture of SimplyThick EasyMix is nut free, egg free and seafood free.

        How should beverages thickened with SimplyThick EasyMix be stored?
        Beverages thickened with SimplyThick EasyMix can be kept at room temperature for several hours. Beverages to be stored for longer periods of time should be kept in a refrigerator.

        Can you use SimplyThick EasyMix to make pudding consistency beverages?
        Yes. Just use honey consistency packets at twice their normal usage rate (i.e. 2 individual servings per 4 oz. (120 mL), etc.).

        Is it OK to heat SimplyThick EasyMix?
        SimplyThick is very heat stable both in its original packaging and in beverages. We had one customer test SimplyThick by leaving the packets in their car for a couple of weeks in Florida during the summer and SimplyThick still functioned properly. SimplyThick thickens hot beverages like coffee and tea without any problem. If the beverage cools off, you can re-heat it in the microwave.

        Can you freeze beverages thickened with SimplyThick EasyMix?
        Yes. SimplyThick™ will maintain a nice uniform thickness in a beverage that is frozen and then thawed. This means you can use SimplyThick to make ice cubes and frozen pop treats that melt into the proper consistency.

        Can I use SimplyThick EasyMix in the microwave?
        SimplyThick™ in its original packaging should not be used in a microwave oven because the packets contain a metal foil. Once SimplyThick is removed from the origanal packaging and mixed into beverages, it can be used in the microwave. For example, if a cup of coffee thickened with SimplyThick gets too cool, you can re-heat it in the microwave.

        SimplyThick EasyMix have a shelf life?
        SimplyThick does not really have a shelf life. SimplyThick™ may be stored in its original packaging for at least twelve months from the manufacture date. The "Best If Used by Date" is stamped on each packet in MMDDYY format. If you have a packet that is beyond this date, it may be a little more difficult to mix into solution, but it should still function properly.

        How long may SimplyThick EasyMix be stored?
        SimplyThick™ may be stored in its original packaging for at least twelve months from the manufacture date. The "Best If Used by Date" is stamped on each packet in MMDDYY format. If you have a packet that is beyond this date, it may be a little more difficult to mix into solution, but it should still function properly.

        Are there any occasions where using SimplyThick EasyMix is a problem?
        On occasion certain dry beverage mixes do not appear to be properly thickened on the first try with SimplyThick™. In this case, change the order of addition and add SimplyThick™ to the water and thicken the water first. Then add the beverage mix. The most common example where this is necessary is with hot chocolate.

        Is SimplyThick EasyMix OK for Diabetics?
        SimplyThick™ is usually o.k. for diabetics to use, but consult your healthcare professional to confirm that SimplyThick is right for you. SimplyThick contains few calories and very little digestible carbohydrate. The few calories listed in our Nutrition Facts panels come from the carbohydrate source, xanthan gum. However, many professionals consider xanthan gum to be a non-digestible food fiber rather than a digestible carbohydrate source. Either way, as the following table demonstrates, SimplyThick is a better alternative to other thickeners for diabetics.
          Nectar Consistency Honey Consistency
        Thickener Carbo. Calories Carbo. Calories
        SimplyThick < 1 g 0 1 g 5
        ThickenUp 10.3 g 40 12 g 45
        Thick-It 10.5 g 53 17.5 g 88
        Data are for the amount of thickener added to 8 oz. of beverage.

        How is SimplyThick EasyMix packaged?
        SimplyThick™ comes in two package sizes designed to be convenient, easy-to-use, and to fit into your lifestyle. Each package size is available to thicken beverages either to nectar or honey consistency. To achieve pudding consistency, use two honey packets for the same amount of beverage.
        There are individual serving packets that thicken 4 oz. of a beverage at a time. These are easy and convenient to use anywhere, anytime. They are easy to take with you on the go.

        There are also bulk serving packet that thicken 32 oz. of a beverage at a time. These are great for making large quantities of beverages at a time. Depending on your situation, these are perfect for foodservice operations or they are perfect for making a pitcher of beverage to sit in the refrigerator at home.

        Where can SimplyThick EasyMix be purchased?
        For Canadian customers, SimplyThick may be purchased directly from Caring Solutions. Click here for information on how to order.  If you would like to purchase SimplyThick through your local pharmacy, please have them contact us at 1-800-672-3879.

        Will my insurance pay for SimplyThick EasyMix?
        SimplyThick™ may be covered by your insurance. Some provincial government agencies and private insurers have reimbursed people for SimplyThick. But the rules and eligibility vary widely. Your pharmacist or doctor and your insurance company will be able to help you in determining exactly what will and will not be covered.

        Can I use a Purchase Order to buy SimplyThick EasyMix?
        Yes. If you are a business, hospital or nursing home, you can use a purchase order. You can use them whether you order by fax or phone. To order by fax, simply fax your purchase order to 403-609-3542. To order by phone, call 1-800-672-3879.

        Has SimplyThick EasyMix been used in clinical studies?
        There have been several clinical studies with SimplyThick™ and there are several others that are underway or in the planning stages. None of the results have been published to date, but several are in the process of being published. The results so far have been very positive. One study found nearly 90% of patients prefer SimplyThick over a starch-based thickener. Another study found that patients increased fluid consumption by about 75% and that the amount of time to prepare beverages was cut in half.

        Is SimplyThick EasyMix sterile?
        Although shelf stable and not subject to bacterial growth in its original packaging, SimplyThick™ is not technically sterile. The combination of pH and temperature used in the manufacturing process may not kill some bacteria, but they are unable to grow in the SimplyThick gel. If necessary, SimplyThick packets can be autoclaved to achieve sterility. Tests have shown that the viscosity of beverages thickened with autoclaved packets is the same as before autoclaving. (Note - some packets will likely burst during the autoclave process, but most will survive.)

        Does SimplyThick EasyMix produce any side effects?
        There are no known side effects. SimplyThick™ consists of five common food ingredients - water, xanthan gumsodium acid sulfate and potassium sorbate (preservative) - found in many foods consumed every day, such as salad dressing, barbecue sauce, and jams and jellies. People with known sensitivities to any of these ingredients need to be cautious about its use and should consult with their health care professional before using SimplyThick.



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