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      Diameter 8"
      20 cm
      Height 1" 4.5 cm
      Weight 6.2 oz 176 g
      Temperature-Min -31 F -35 C
      Temperature-Max 257 F 125 C
      Microwave Safe
      Commercial Dishwasher Safe
      Made in China
      Care Instructions


      Classic dinnerware is made of high quality melamine, which makes it light, durable and break-resistant – but not unbreakable.  Melamine dinnerware should be handled like any fine quality dinnerware.   Avoid banging them together or using sharp utensils on melamine plates. 

      Any dishes that become cracked or damaged should be taken out of service immediately so as not to incur any operational liability. 

      Classic melamine dinnerware can withstand temperatures ranging from -31°F to 240°F (-35°C to 116°C), and are dishwasher safe. 

      When treated with care and maintained properly, your Classic dinnerware will delight your patients and enliven your menu items for a long time.

      Washing Melamine Dinnerware*

      To ensure the long life of your melamine dinnerware, proper handling is essential.  Key points to follow when washing include:

      1. Avoid using abrasives or copper/brass scouring pads when removing stains.  A woven plastic pad or polyester brush (40113 or 40542) will yield the best results without dulling the lustrous finish.   
      2. For best results, use a high-alkaline base solution for regular dishwashing. Harsh soap or high concentrations of bleach will damage the finish on melamine dinnerware.  We have been advised that the following products are safe for melamine dishware: 
        Solid Power XL Dishwashing Detergent (Ecolab);   Mezzo-100 (Ecolab)  
      3. To remove stains you may presoak the dishes in a sodium perborate base solution such as Dip-It by Ecolab or Suma Shine by Diversey. If unusual staining occurs, you may soak the dishes for a few minutes in a mild bleach solution (less than 10% concentration) before placing dishes in the dishwasher.  CPS-490 by Ecolab is an acceptable product to use for this purpose.

      * TIP:  To clean food that is stuck on melamine dishes, presoak in COLD water (may add vinegar), then wash normally in the dishwasher to remove any remaining food.

      Microwave Use

      Classic melamine dinnerware has been tested at the University of Alberta and passed the FDA standard requirements of Microwave Use.  The dinnerware is considered safe for reheating food for up to one minute in the microwave, provided that it is covered with a plastic dome.