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      Capacity 8 oz 240 ml
      Diameter 3" 7.7 cm
      Diameter with handle 4" 10.2 cm
      Height 3 7/8" 10 cm
      Shipping pack 2 dozen (sold by the dozen)
      Max Temperature 257°F 125°C
      Material Tritan
      100% BPA Free
      Microwave Safe
      Commercial Dishwasher Safe
      Made in Taiwan



      Diamond mugs are made of Tritan copolyester.  This material provides enhanced durability and better resistance to high temperatures and chemicals than most other melamine mugs.  However, to ensure the long life of your mugs, the procedures below are recommended.


      1. Staining can occur when tea or coffee is allowed to dry in the mugs. By cleaning as soon as possible after use, destaining procedures may be avoided.
      2. For best results, use a high-alkaline base solution for regular dishwashing. Harsh soap or high concentrations of bleach will damage the finish.  We have been advised that the following products are safe for melamine dishware: 
        Solid Power XL Dishwashing Detergent (Ecolab);   Mezzo-100 (Ecolab)  

      3. Avoid using abrasives or copper/brass scouring pads on the mugs

      4. Pre-soaking should be performed monthly or as often as necessary.  Obtain an oxygen cleanser with sodium percarbonate base from your dish detergent manufacturer such as Dip-It by Ecolab or Suma Shine by Diversey. 


      • If unusual staining occurs, you may soak the mugs for no more than 30 seconds in a mild bleach solution (less than 10% concentration) before placing the mugs in the dishwasher.   A longer soak can damage the finish on the mugs.  CPS-490 by Ecolab is an acceptable product to use for this purpose.

      • A quick rub of the inside of the mugs with a soft cloth dipped in baking soda and vinegar before washing has been effective in reducing staining, when done on a frequent basis.